Thursday, 11 July 2013

Canada Trip - Banff to Canmore

On Tuesday we packed up our gear, said our goodbyes to Donna and Patrizia, and drove up to the Norquay Ski Area. On the way up was a sheep which was looking very scraggly, loosing its wool. At the top we walked the loop, Upper Stoney Squaw, to Stoney Squaw Mountain. Coming back down the mountain we passed a small flock of sheep right in the middle of the road, and several people coming up the mountain on cross-country skis on wheels. The trip to Canmore was fairly slow (it is actually only just over 20km), and we stopped at Valleyview on the way for lunch. Once in Canmore we did the walk up to Grassi Lakes. This trail passes a lovely waterfall, and at the top are two small intense blue lakes. Once again we were entertained by rock-climbers. After checking into “Mountain View Inn” we went shopping for dinner then walked the Policeman's Creek boardwalk and track around the creek, along Engine Bridge Loop, across the Bow River and back through Main Street. There seemed to be rabbits on quite a few lawns around town.

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