Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Canada Hols - Radium & Invermere

On Wednesday we had a delightful easy drive down Highway 95 to Radium Hot Springs. This route is through the Columbia River Valley, and we followed the river the whole way, admiring the mountain ranges either side. In several places there were eagle nests, with nesting eagles, on specially provided platforms. Something strange that we noticed that was although we were driving through well-grassed farming country, and cattle-yards in several places, we saw no cattle, apart from a lone bull (we later discovered that they don't have cattle here because of the predators – bear, cougar & wolves) . There were horses, a Llama, lucerne being bailed, and other crops (maybe soybeans). The Redstreak Camping area had a lookout of the valley on the way up, and then a couple of loop walks. The lookout certainly had great views, but was a bit hot to stop for lunch, so we continued to the camping area. There we found a shady spot which also had a cool breeze and enjoyed lunch before going on the uphill loop walk. It was pretty hot and dry, and although there was a nice view from the top, it wasn't that much better than from the lookout. The other loop walk had interpretive signs, and was all about regenerating the grasslands. I guess that as we didn't see any animal life both were a bit disappointing. Driving back down to town, we spotted a Big-Horned Sheep grazing on the side of the road. We stopped and he crossed the road in front of us, jumped the guard-rail, and then sat down to chew his cud beside another big male. What a bonus! We checked into our hotel – the Sunset Hotel – then drove down to Invermere to shop, get fuel, and we went down to the lake where there was a stoney beach, and lots of people picnic-ing and swimming. Darryl had a nap while I just relaxed. Back in Radium we had dinner then went for a stroll down to the golf club.

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