Monday, 8 July 2013

Canada Hols - Banff - Saturday

I had a very bad night's sleep on Friday night, so slept in on Saturday morning. We had to pack up and change hotels over the Banff Y Mountain Lodge. Darryl went for a walk up Tunnel Mountain, while I caught up on some sleep in the car. Even though it was cold, cloudy and with showers, we were able to do everything between showers. At Surprise Corner we were surprised to get a parking spot! It was a very small site and lots of people wanted to pull up. It gave a nice view over the Bow River and above the falls. We drove out to Fairmount Golf Spring Golf Course hoping to see some elk, but they weren't playing! ;-) We got a much better view of Bow Falls from the other side of the river where we had lunch. I was still feeling quite 'delicate' so didn't have much. We had been planning to go and park beside Vermillion Lakes, but the navigator was “off her game”, and we ended up at Cave and Basin National Historic Site. This was the opposite side of the river to the lakes and the marsh boardwalk actually gave a much better view. It was interesting here as aquarium fish had been deliberately released into the marsh back in the 1970's, molly's & mosquito fish mainly, and they are out-competing the native minnows (not sure which I have in the photo). Back at the Hotel we had an afternoon nap (luckily as it turned out). In the evening we heard music from our window, so went for a walk to find it. It was the “Blue Rodeo” playing at the Banff Summer Arts Festival at “The Banff Centre”. We sat outside and listened for a while before heading back. I had to wear my eye-mask to sleep as the blind in the room was white, and let in all the light outside. The room next door had a group of young guys, who decided they were partying. Signs on the back of the door said 'no noise' after 11pm, so when they were still going at quarter past, I rang reception to ask for a quieter room (even my earplugs didn't stop it). I am not sure if they were told to shut-it, but shortly after they headed out clubbing. At 3:30am they arrived home in dribs and drabs, and we heard everything! Loud laughter & talking, doors slamming & banging on walls. Needless to say, when we got up at 7am, our door kept slamming...we just couldn't control it! I might add that we have a shared bathroom, no spare key (so have to knock to get back into the room), and the Wireless internet is not working.  

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