Friday, 19 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal Day 1

We were so tired we slept in on Thursday morning. Montreal is 2 hours ahead of Calgary, so you would really think that it would improve the amount of sleep, but apparently not! Jess had arrived home from her 12-hour shift and was understandably very tired. Despite that she was just lovely! We are thrilled that she is going to be part of, and extend, our family. After breakfast Shane took us out for a drive around the city. He had lost his mobile phone in the taxi, but had a tracker on it, so when the taxi showed up at the airport we headed there to try and find it. The trouble was that the taxi drivers were not in their lined-up taxis so neither he or I could identify/remember which one. Eventually he gave up and we went for lunch at “Scorch” (a bit like Sizzler), and we tried to find where the driver lived. This also turned into a dead-end, so we went to stock up on groceries, and headed home in time for Jess' dinner and a chat before she had to head off to her shift again. We had been thinking of going out, but we were all tired. The photo is of Winston, Jess' cat, who decided to check out all our stuff.

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