Friday, 19 July 2013

Canada Trip - Montreal Day 5

Monday was a walking day, and we ended up walking something like 15km. Our destinations were the massive buildings we had seen when flying in from Calgary. The closest to home was St Joseph's Oratory ('s_Oratory). This is a massive church built on the Mountain. It was very beautiful, and interesting, and also had great views of the smog over the city! Just past it was Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery, and we decided to walk through it mainly because of the lovely shady trees (as it was pretty hot). Unfortunately, the fence surrounding it meant we couldn't escape! We were trying to find the other remarkable building that we had seen from the plane (initially, due to the design, we thought it might be a synagogue). We had to walk almost ¾ of the way around the cemetery to find an exit. It was amazing though, as there were some really remarkable monuments, including a sculpture. When we eventually got there, the building we were looking for was the University of Montreal. It had been built in the 1930/40's. Since then, all additional buildings had been built in the same colour brick and to complement the original design. 

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