Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Canada Trip - Old Quebec City - Day 2

After checking out on Monday our first destination was to check out the luxurious interior of the Hotel Frontenac. This place just exuded excess with painted ceilings, stained glass windows, chandeliers, armorial shields, gilt everywhere, and a bevy of staff. Even the fire hose had a stained glass door. The cheapest room appeared to be about 3 times what we paid for our cupboard. There are plenty of green public spaces with statues, and fountains, and did I mention cannons? From the battlements we could see the Lower Town along the River St-Laurent, and some of the archaelogical diggings there. We also found the earliest graveyard, which stopped being used in 1687. There didn't appear to be any gravestones at all. In the lower town some buildings had been painted with frescoes, and there were people in period costumes, quite a lively Market-square, and plenty of shops. The Hotel du Parlement is quite an impressive building with a huge fountain out the front. Eventually we headed back to the Railway Station for the trip back to Montreal, enjoying a lovely sunset on the way, and arrived back around 9pm.

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