Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Crow's Nest - Nanango - Day 50

Rose early, 4:45am, to walk to the lookout, falls, and rockpools.

At the waterfall, (well, no waterfall as the creek wasn't flowing even after the heavy rain overnight), we could see platypus & turtles, (which I am sure you can't make out in this photo). 

 At the lookout over Diamond Valley we were greeted by one of the rare tiny Bursh-tailed Rock Wallabies. I was able to get photos and even some video before it hopped away. At the pools we saw another wallaby, and a large fish. I have to say, that apart from these animals this is the most disappointing National Park I have ever been in. I only saw one large gum tree, and the granite countryside was thirsty. 

We drove up through Yarraman, Nanango. At one point there was a tortoise on the side of the road. At Biggenden we stopped for lunch, then went for a tour to take photos of the various places of my childhood, when my family lived there in 1966.

Our house - the Methodist Manse at the time - in George Street - it still has the same fence

Biggenden State Primary School where I was in Grade 1

The front of Biggenden State Primary School

The Methodist Church where Dad was the Minister. To the left is the Church Hall where table-tennis was regularly played
We camped the night near our farm and there was a really spectacular sunset, as you can see.

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