Monday, 5 December 2016

Wonnangatta River - Day 34

We had to travel mostly on the same scenic winding road back, to go to Sale to stock up before our next drive north. We had been told, by Peter, to go to Crooked River, but the dirt road there was only one-way in places, and as it was so high up there was no-where to go if another car came so we opted to stop at the earlier Black Snake Creek camping area on the Wonnangatta River, just where the creek joins. It was quite a lovely camping area, with lush green grass, and a steep drop to the river. The biggest issue was the flies, with more than we have had to contend with on any previous day (and there were plenty each previous day). There were no other campers, and no animals excepts birds. 3 kookaburras sat in the gum-tree just past the car and seemed pretty interested in our fire. One of the local pass-times seems to be shooting the dunnies if the number of bullet holes in the toilet were anything to go by.

Lake Glenmaggie

Wonnangatta River

The hut

Just a few flies!

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