Thursday, 8 December 2016

Suggan Buggan - Day 37

Along a very narrow dirt road we came to Victoria Falls. They were slightly more impressive than W Tree Falls. Car ticked over 79000. Kosciuszko lookout was a bit hazy and cloudy so we could see the mountain but it wasn't very impressive. 

So just check out the sign below to see what these falls 'could' look like...

This was the parking area for the falls....see how narrow this road is?
We pushed on, heading initially for Bairnsdale, but found fuel and a grocery story at Brethen, which saved a few hours drive. Because of the front coming through with high winds, rain and thunderstorms we planned to stop overnight at the caravan park at Buchan Caves. The reserve is managed by Victoria National Parks, and they wanted $22 each for a 45 minute cave tour as well as $51 to camp for the night! We opted to keep going on our path north. Suddenly the road opened onto a steep almost single lane path with views over deep valleys. Scary as this was we then came up to a grader doing up the road. We followed him for a while until he got to a curve which was wide enough to let us past, (organised by talking to him on the 2-way). Our destination was Suggan Buggan Reserve. The town no longer exists, apart from the 1868 historic school building, and a couple of houses (which seemed to have no inhabitants). As it was starting to rain we opted to have our happy hour and dinner early, and ate in the sprinkling, although it eased later. The wild wind came through, but thankfully abated. We will be happy if this is the worst of the weather we see.

The new sign

The old sign

A nice sliding latch

Nice legs...and that school desk has them too....

This is the fireplace! I have never seen a wooden fireplace and chimney before

Wooden shingles on the roof...I really don't think I would like to be here in Winter

Post and Rail Fence

The sun is trying to peek through as the front moves through

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