Friday, 9 December 2016

Snowy River Drive to Jindabyne - Day 38

We woke to showers, but the wind was gone, so we put up the awning and decided to sit for the road to dry out a bit. It was also a chance to do some housekeeping and maintenance. A few other vehicles started to pass through, both ways, so we decided to go on. The road from here turned out to be much better than previous, which was really a relief. We crossed into New South Wales and were happy to say goodbye to Victorian flies (except that there are almost as many this side of the border). This drive was along the Snowy River.

The sign says it is the border, so the border it must be...

Lunch was at Scotchies Yard Camp Ground, where we had to change picnic tables due to the assault of the meat-ants. 

By the Snowy River

Wallace Craigie was a fabulous lookout. At one point a deer ran across the road. The high country properties were really interesting, especially with the beautiful clumping grasses that shimmered in the breeze. 

At Jindabyne we booked into the Caravan Park for 2 nights. People who followed us in were Rosalind and Neville and chatted a bit.

Our view

Lake Jindabyne

A sculpture which is really useful if rather oversized

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