Thursday, 15 December 2016

Orange - Day 44

The D-Max is due it's 80,000km service, and it is a really big one which will take most of the day. While this is happening I am heading to the local library to do research on the 460 local relations. I had originally planned to cycle into town, but with the heavy  rain decided to try and get a bus. 

I walked to the bus stop then a white ute went passed, stopped and reversed back. It was a couple who I had been talking to the wife earlier in the caravan park, and they gave me a lift in. I found over 100 relatives in the local cemetery, and also a book on the Astill family which turn out to be connected to my family and to Darryl's. Darryl walked over early to get the car, then came into town to pick me up. We went to the cemetery to find the grave of his 2nd great grandparents, John and Emma Jane Roberts, plus some of the Lawry graves. There is no official record of Richard Cundy being buried here, even though that is what it says on his death certificate.

John Roberts - Darryl's 2nd Great Grandfather - I believe his wife Emma Jane (nee Williams) is also in this grave

Anne Maria Roberts (nee Eves)

Samuel James Roberts & Thomas Henry Roberts - 
"They left their homes in perfect health
Not thinking death was near
They had not time to say good-bye
To those they loved so dear."
Died with his brother Thomas in the mining accident at the Wentworth Proprietary mines.  ('Lucknow - a Veritable Goldmine' by Kerrin Cook, 1995)

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