Friday, 16 December 2016

Orange - Molong - Dubbo - Warrumbungles - Day 45

I spoke again to the lady who had given me a lift yesterday. Her name was June, and during the conversation we discovered that her husband is a cousin of Darryl's! 

After packing up in heavy rain we called in to their caravan to talk to them. Bob is a Howarth, and his mother was a Fardell. I left my contact details for their son, Shane, who does the family history. He is related on the Spicer line and knew a lot about the area. 

Quite steady rain continued to fall as we drove to Molong. I had wanted to have a look around but it was too wet, so we just looked from the car, then continued on through Wellington then to Dubbo. As we headed to Warrumbungle National Park the rain started bucketing down. It was so heavy that Darryl wanted to pull off the road as it was hard to see, but I encouraged him to continue as we were so close. 

As we got to the Visitor Centre the rain eased enough for me to go in and pay, and as we pulled into our site it stopped almost completely, allowing us to set up. The cushions and carpet were wet from having to pack up in the rain at Orange, but because we have a powered site are able run the heater to dry things out. At the site, the picnic table had a whole family of Apostle Birds sheltering  under it from the heavy rain. They are such funny and cute birds calling out to each other with chirp, and telling us off. 

Apostle birds sheltering under the picnic table

There was one more heavy shower with other little ones during the night, but we saw blue sky and stars at night.

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