Saturday, 17 December 2016

Warrumbungles - Day 46

Darryl headed off on his bike to do one of the circuit walks. While he was preparing a small branch fell out of the tree beside us, bounced off the canvas and hit him, giving him quite a shock. I took it easy and cycled over, eventually, to pay for another 2 nights. 

We are the only ones in this camping section, and have power and hot showers, and it is a really beautiful environment with lovely mountain peaks to look at, regular visits to the camp by the Apostle Bird family, as well as Kangaroos, Soldier Birds, White-winged Choughs, Kookaburras, Currawongs, parrots, Storm-birds, butterflies, as well as the downside with crows and obligatory flies. One of the Apostle birds has a missing claw, so he became "Hoppy". It turns out this park has a feral animal problem, with rabbits, foxes and goats.

A friendly Kookaburra

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