Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Cootamundra - Carcoar - Day 42

The flies had forgotten my previous day pact for them to stop with the cattle, and were out in full force, so we packed up quickly, and drove to Cootamundra for an early start on the cemetery there. 

Machinery at Cootamundra Park

I found graves of relatives, from both my side and Darryl's, in the cemetery. 

Guy Harold & Ella McAlister on the Roberts side of the family
William Henry & Mary Elizabeth Clarke on the Roberts side of the family

George H and Margaret Drover on my side
We drove on to Carcoar Dam to set up for the night. This free camp had cold showers and flushing toilets, (which is unusual), but also was really crowded. We actually both enjoyed the cold shower to cool down. Our entertainment was watching a local solar-panel salesman put the hard word on a camper, fishing boats and 2 ski-boats and associated people.

Nestled comfortably under the view of the Wind Turbines
Happy hour!

Some of the entertainment

The Full Moon watching over us

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