Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dargo - Day 35

Black Snake Creek track followed the creek up 3km to a walk to the historic ruins of Kong Meng mine. We rode our bikes, well pushed up the steep bits, to the start of the 2 hour return walk following the creek and crossing it a few times. We learnt what stinging nettle looks, and feels, like.  A sad sight was the carcass of a calf on the path. A lot of blackberries were growing in the wetter parts near the creek, but the higher track was good. We were rewarded with an old crusher battery and steam engine. We saw one mine entrance, but the 'Mine Loop' only revealed tailings heaps which were a bit too steep and dangerous to climb up to see the actual mine.The views of the valley were excellent.  And, I got bitten by a leech again. 

Back at the campsite we decided to move on, for a number of reasons, including impending rain, and the narrow road, (which actually didn't seem as bad on the way back out). An echidna crossed the road. Past Dargo we turned on another unsealed road along the Dargo River, and chose one of the several camping areas, Italian Flat. The area was being slashed as we arrived, and the flies were definitely less, so maybe it is something to do with the grass. The sun came out for the first time in a couple of days. This area has huge walnut trees, which have fruit, but they aren't ripe. Further up the river there are deep rock pools suitable for swimming. As in most places in Victoria there is the obligatory 'vomit bird' (my name for a bird which sounds as though it is vomiting).

One of the walnut trees

Unripe walnuts

The bark of the walnut tree

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