Friday, 2 December 2016

Walhalla - Day 31

Darryl was feeling better and we had to choose somewhere fairly close to visit, so we drove up to Walhalla through very scenic countryside. 

Lunch was at the start of the town and we then walked up to look at various historic sites. One was the cemetery on the slope of the hill. Darryl noticed three Trembath graves, so, of course I took photos. 

It is hard to believe that a wooden marker like this could last over 130 years 

We drove further up and saw the tram-way walk, which led to the museum and mine. We had missed the mine tour but enjoyed the museum. On the way down to the road we spoke to a lady who was gardening. Her name was Rae-Anne and she was also one of the cemetery ghost tours guides. Rae-Anne was very knowledgeable and told us lots of the history of Walhalla. When Darryl asked her about the Trembaths she told us to go to the Post Office Store where they had folders of the family history. 

Elliott's Live & Let Live Bakery

A mulloch heap

Inquisitive Magpie

A small stamper

The original Post & Telegraph Office

The bank vault

The tramline

I was intrigued by all the moss on this roof

The Fire Station is built over the creek

The Fire Station Outhouse (Dunny)

We were delighted to see the Trembath name on the little newspaper building just behind it. At the store one of the ladies gave me a disk from Brian B which had all the family on it. An attached note with the disk said they were the descendants of Madron Trembath and Mary Gilbert, who I instantly recognised as Darryl's ancestors! Woohoo! 

We drove up to the free camping area then walked from the other end of the tramline almost back to the mine before heading back for happy hour.  

Everything seemed lovely and quiet when suddenly at 10pm a rude family arrived at the campground, parking right next to us. Unbelievably, they spent the next 2 hours, setting up, eating, talking and laughing quite loudly.

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